100%YourCity Hotel

November 2017-date: 100%Zomer and Islant Atelier for integrated city building currently develop a hotel of the future. A cooperative sustainable city hotel which also serves as a lab for circulair artist and social designers. Various strategic partners are involved and consulted such as Superuse Studios, Saxion University, impact investors and finance partners, real estate developers, artists and social designers and hospitality operation experts. The sustainable hotels that 100% Zomer and business partners develop since 204 are innovative, a ‘homes away from home’. You can find personal service, organic food and stylish comfortable rooms.The hotels also act as catalysts in the neighborhood or a larger region. They co-create a joint vision and determine with customers and stakeholders the social and environmental impact they want to achieve and act upon that. Besides that the hotels have a sound business model and a good return on investment. They are embedded in a strong pro-active ecosystem of partners and stakeholders.