We are not just a company dedicated to integrated sustainable entrepreneurship. We remain entrepreneurs ourselves. Our portfolio is therefore divided into two. You can find the consultancy assignments that were commissioned by organizations to us. We worked for large, medium and small business, NGO’s, International Organizations, municipalities, ministries, consultancy bureaus and start-ups in various branches.

We show you also the enterprises we developed in the Netherlands and in upcoming markets. We often managed to develop an idea into a flourishing company with our own investment capital and that of informal investors. They invested up to 1,5 million euro. Our companies are built according to next economy principles, also in terms of organization, leadership and management. We work as a network organization. We co-develop the business and surrounding region with our (potential) customers and stakeholders from the start. We stimulate local owner-and leadership among our employees and local management. Integrated sustainability is business as usual, part of the heart of the company.