Business Development

The demand for new business models is growing. 100% Zomer has many years experience in the field of new economy business development. Our expertise is to create financial, ecological (circular) and social value. We develop products and services that benefit the business; it’s customers and stakeholders in various services and branches. We have developed our own models that combine academic research and years of experience on the ground. For more information please contact us and take a look at our portfolio.

100 % Zomer offers 3 types of business development services:

Business development consultancy

We offer custom-made business development consultancy for start-ups and SME companies. We help you to develop a clear proposition for your product and services. We have experience in various branches such as: tourism, circular economy, architecture, design, agriculture, social enterprising and higher education. We also prepare propositions to acquire subsidies. When your proposition is ready we help you to prepare the marketing-communication strategy for you. Take a look at our services under communication For more information please contact us and take a look at our portfolio. 

Business value and trend canvas workshops for organizations

We organize business and trend canvas workshops with your team and stakeholders. We use several canvas formats that we adapt according to the needs of the customer and the stakeholders of the company. For more information please and take a look at our portfolio. 

City Canvas: sustainable business development with the neighborhood community in cities

The 100% Zomer city canvas is a collaborative tool to help various groups of stakeholders to work together to arrive at a common vision for what a sustainable city neighborhood should look like. It is part of a city community design process. The business canvas has improved team communication by visualizing, analyzing, predicting and mapping together data and by having the same-shared vocabulary for describing a new venture as set by the Business Model Canvas framework. This rapidly helps teams to sketch and throwaway various propositions by stress-testing it against the canvas framework, de-risking investment and opportunity cost. We’d like to apply a similar kind of collaborative approach to the design of integrated sustainable cities by making the connections between different departments, citizens, communities, and service providers visible across various city layers. This way more people can see the dependencies between various actors of an ecosystem needed to create a resilient better sustainable city that involves people at the core of its design. For more information please contact us and take a look at our portfolio.