We are a consultancy network dedicated to the growth of  innovative and (circular) sustainable entrepreneurship. We guided a few hundred (international) start-ups, SME’s business, NGO’s and social enterprises in their growth and transformation to a next level. We also nurture your power as a change maker. We take care of your business development strategy and implementation.  We also remain entrepreneurs ourselves and therefore understand your challenges and know how to solve them with your team, customers and stakeholders. We offer temporary management, business development consultancy, organisational development and transformation consultancy. Sectors: circular real estate-building-design, circular-sustainable hospitality and tourism, integrated sustainable-circular city-provincial development

In our portfolio you find the enterprises we developed in the Netherlands and in upcoming markets. Our portfolio is therefore divided into two:

  1. You can find the consultancy and temporary management assignments that were commissioned to us. We work for innovative sustainable-circular start-ups, medium and small business, metropole region’s, NGO’s, International Organizations, Design and Architect bureaus, consultancy agency’s, higher education.
  2. We developed concepts into a flourishing companies with our own investment capital and that of informal investors. They invested up to 1,5 million euro.