Wanted energetic new team members!

Our newest sustainable business in development in 2018 is the 100%YourCityHotel. A cooperative circular city hotel, a showcase for a new generation hotels. We start in the Netherlands but have a worldwide ambition to built an ecosystem of these hotels and a community that makes travel valuable for anyone involved again. Currently we meet up with investors, real estate owners, financial parties, medium and lage project developers, local government and other innovative entrepreneurs. Are you interested to participate? We always need good (online) communicators and marketeers, senior experts in real estate deals and investment. We often work with interns educated in the field of business, spacial design, tourism and sustainable-social design & architecture. We offer you an exciting journey, a Return on Involvement. We are open for creative partnerships in this pre-fase. 100%Zomer cooperates with Islant Atelier for City development. Superuse Studios Rotterdam (Blue City) is strategic partner.

Interested? Please contact Marije van Zomeren:                      GSM: +31628666201 or Ellen Holleman: