We help sustainable and social driven enterprises to become successful in your marketing and communication. We advise you to create a stable commercial and financial base and stable path for growth. We establish solid entrepreneurship and nurture your power as a change maker. What can we do for you?

In short; these are the steps to make your brand come to live and establish and grow your business and the change makership with your (online) community. These are often embedded in a general business development proces, see under business development. We co-create with your team, customers and stakeholders depending on the assignment. Our customers are start-ups and established small and medium sized companies.

We provide several types of services:

  1. We define your brand core; your foundation. We answer questions using the ‘golden circle’ method to define the Why, How,What of your company.
  2. We define your brand identity; we look at the true DNA of your company and that what distinguishes you from others in the market. What is the change your team wants to see in the world?
  3. We look at your customers and audience; who are they and what drives them? We offer customer empathy workshop, to define the right value proposition for your (future) customers. More information can be found under business development services.
  4. We define the tools and the on-and offline channels that makes your brand come to life.
  5. We map out your market and analyse your competition: based on your proposition what market you will operate in? Understand who you compete with in order to built or professionalize a brand that is unique and different from the rest.
  6. We design your ‘pitch’; what is your (new) proposition in 1 A4?
  7. Action plan: we define a plan for action
  8. Creative briefing checklist; we help you to create a strong creative brief.

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