100%YourCity Hotel

100%Zomer develops with network partners a cooperative sustainable-circular hotel and tourism of the future. We make travel valuable again for all, regenerative. We work within an growing ecosystem of strategic and creative partners: Designers, artists and researchers as well as financially equipped partners and senior hospitality experts. Together we bring the know-how and experience to make things happen! Due to Covid-19 our hotel/ investment partner had to withdraw. We are currently exploring new opportunities.

Circular business areas, Metropole region Rotterdam-The Hague

Superuse Studios and 100% Zomer started this circular project together in the business area of the Spaanse Polder Rotterdam. The original purpose was to develop a prototype of on- and offline marketplace services for various residues, called ‘PulsApp’. Business often has different residual flows of waste for example that cost them money. PulsApp can help in discovering their company waste streams and converting these into business opportunities.

Mabira Forest Lodge Uganda

In Uganda there is a small rainforest under pressure near Kampala. The Mukono area is around 1600 hectares. Our own company, Mabira Forest lodge has been developed in this rainforest. The resort can accommodate 50 guests. It has a restaurant and a small swimming pool overlooking the pristine nature. We have targeted a growing group of travellers, tourists, and businessmen and women. People with a conscience who want to enjoy the full potential of a tropical destination without having a negative impact on the people and the planet. This has worked; the lodge still welcomes many tourists every year.

The community in Mukono consists of around 25.000 people. It is a mix of different tribes. They live from agriculture, handicrafts, tree felling and entrepreneurship. Mabira Forest Lodge became also a flywheel for ecological, early circular, social and economic development in the region. It was the driver of transformation to a new economy. We built a new ecosystem in cooperation with many different stakeholders. This was based on a shared vision for the area, our common ground.

The flywheel for integrated transformation became a model we called ‘COOLRegion’. We developed this with Wageningen UR in NL, Forest Trends USA, Ashoka and Kampala University in Uganda. The World Bank noticed the progress we had made in Uganda and invited us to present the lodge and COOLRegion in Washington DC.

CoCasa IJburg, Amsterdam

Cocasa means a “joint house” a vivid spot for business and leisure. Cocasa was designed to take a central place in the community. The concept is inspired by the earthship concept of Michael Reynolds, mixed with broader circular design. Michael Reynolds a Southwestern US architect is credited with building the first earthship. His wife coined the phrase because the house was self-sustaining, requiring no outside source of water or electricity. The house just kind of sailed around, hence the name earthship. The house was built out of discarded materials such as automobile tires and aluminum cans and finished with natural adobe.

Blue Economy Groningen workshop

100% Zomer was asked to guide a ‘pressure cooker’ workshops with 20 architectural engineering students of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. In cooperation with Superuse Studios Rotterdam. Goal was to develop a circular vision for an empty business area and a populated residential.