Circular business areas, Metropole region Rotterdam-The Hague

Superuse Studios and 100% Zomer started this circular project together in the business area of the Spaanse Polder Rotterdam. The original purpose was to develop a prototype of on- and offline marketplace services for various residues, called ‘PulsApp’. Business often has different residual flows of waste for example that cost them money. PulsApp can help in discovering their company waste streams and converting these into business opportunities.

Blue Economy Groningen workshop

100% Zomer was asked to guide a ‘pressure cooker’ workshops with 20 architectural engineering students of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. In cooperation with Superuse Studios Rotterdam. Goal was to develop a circular vision for an empty business area and a populated residential.

CBI Cultural tourism

CBI Africa asked 100% Zomer to conduct a compact peer-group research and organize a first brainstorm on the concept of “cultural tourism” and “ possible business opportunities and challenges” for Southern and East Africa. Besides that CBI asked 100% Zomer to prepare and host a creative interactive workshop with the management of the Africa program for their mid-term meeting.